What is a Career Community?

Career communities let you view career opportunities by industry and interest area. Each community has unique resources and tools and includes relevant information for students, including career-related events, job/internship postings, alumni mentors, post-graduation career outcomes, and news articles related to the field.

Career communities help you to explore without feeling locked into a group! Review the list of career communities and identify which seem to best fit with your current interests and goals. If there’s more than one, no problem! Discuss your options with a Career Consultant.

Disney College Program Opportunities Await!

The Disney College Program is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and it’s time to apply! Check out the virtual programs running every week through mid-February.

Get to Know the Disney College Program Virtual Sessions – Spring Schedule

Students, parents and are all welcome …

By Career Center
Career Center
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What is a Career Week?

New in 2023!

The Career Center is organizing events and programs to align with the Career Communities you will find right here in Career Central.  These are chances to meet recruiters, learn from experienced alumni, get advice from staff and …

By Alyson Kavalukas
Alyson Kavalukas Interim Assistant Director
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16 Things Recruiters Want To See On Your LinkedIn Profile

What recruiters want to see on your LinkedIn Profile?

1. Headline: The headline of LinkedIn is one that comes along with your profile and is very important. The headline will usually bear your name and job title in it. This …

By Lindsay Fera
Lindsay Fera Employment Development Specialist
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Why is Relevant Experience So Important?

Understanding What Relevant Experience Means

Posted by Glassdoor Team Last Updated June 29, 2021

Having relevant experience is important before applying for a job. For a vacancy that receives several applications, employers will need to save time while going through …

By Carol Balk
Carol Balk Career Consultant
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Trends and predictions: A Graduate’s Guide to Getting Hired in 2022

A Graduate’s Guide to Getting Hired in 2022 – Trends and Predictions!

By Carol Balk
Carol Balk Career Consultant
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