Law School Exploration Series: New York City, July 16-18

Happy to announce that the Law School Exploration Series 2024 is taking on New York City in Mid July (July 16-18). The Law School Exploration Series is a chance for current and former Pitt students to tour different Law Schools in the city with their Pre-Law Advisor (Alex Ball) while connecting with admissions representatives for the prospective schools and even potentially some alumni currently working in the area. Last year in Boston was a fantastic success touring 5 different schools and attending a networking dinner, and I am looking forward to replicate it this summer in NYC. Schools will be finalized in the next upcoming weeks but I wanted to get the announcement out there prior to students leaving for Spring Break. If interested, you can sign up for the overall event on Handshake and I will be keeping all updated as I confirm schools! Any questions can be directed at me, thanks!

By Alex Ball
Alex Ball Pre-Law & Social Sciences Career Consultant