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This affinity group provides resources to navigate your professional journey as an international student and compliments the Career Community programs and resources offered by the Career Center. While international students face unique challenges in seeking U.S. employment after graduation, they also have experience and skills that are valued in the U.S. job market. 

Please make sure to visit the Office of International Services, for guidance, resources and information on regulation guidelines and visa information to work in the United States. 


GoinGlobal – Job, Internship and Cultural Resources for International and Domestic Students

GoinGlobal is a fantastic resource for all students, including those looking for jobs and internships both within and outside of the United States. Whether you dream of working in your home country, exploring opportunities in other countries, or embarking on …

By Ingrid Beute
Ingrid Beute Career Consultant, Engineering & Science & Career Champions Program Coordinator
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The James A. Finnegan Foundation 2024 Essay Contest

The James A. Finnegan Foundation

2024 Essay Contest

The James A. Finnegan Foundation has sponsored an annual essay competition for Pennsylvania college students or Pennsylvania residents attending out-of-state colleges for over six decades.  Winners receive placement in paid summer internships, …

By Alex Ball
Alex Ball Pre-Law & Social Sciences Career Consultant
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Best Careers for Language Learners

We all have our reasons for studying a language.

Maybe you want to travel the world or to understand arts and literature. Perhaps you have family reasons for picking up the study books.

By Career Center
Career Center
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“Dos and don’ts” for international student job seekers

When you’re an international student, there are certain hurdles you must jump through when looking for internships or full-time jobs after graduation.

During a recent Handshake Career Event, we talked with two people who have valuable insight on how you …

By HANDSHAKE TEAM - Employer panel
HANDSHAKE TEAM - Employer panel
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Essential International Student Job-Search Strategies for 2022

View full article here:  Essential International Student Job-Search Strategies for 2022 – The International Advantage

by Marcelo Barros

Due to the pandemic and difficulties of obtaining student visas, international enrollment in U.S. universities saw a slight decline during the 2019-2020 academic …

By Alyson Kavalukas
Alyson Kavalukas Assistant Director
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