GoinGlobal – Job, Internship and Cultural Resources for International and Domestic Students

GoinGlobal is a fantastic resource for all students, including those looking for jobs and internships both within and outside of the United States. Whether you dream of working in your home country, exploring opportunities in other countries, or embarking on an international internship, GoinGlobal Pitt has you covered.

For Panthers aspiring to work abroad, this resource provides a wealth of resources tailored to international job seekers:

  • Country Career Guides: GoinGlobal provides in-depth country-specific career guides and essential information on working and living in over 90 countries worldwide. https://online.goinglobal.com/guide-type/country-career-guides These guides include valuable insights into:
        • the local job market
        • industry trends
        • work visa requirements
        • resume/CV tips
        • interview preparation and etiquette
        • networking strategies
        • negotiating job offers
  • CultureWizard – Boost your cross-cultural IQ https://online.goinglobal.com/culturewizard 
  • H1B Visa Database (for the U.S.):  Detailed H1B visa database, helping you find U.S. companies sponsoring work visas. https://online.goinglobal.com/h1b
  • International Job Search Database: Thousands of international job listings, internships, and volunteer opportunities from reputable employers across various industries. This database streamlines your search process and connects you with potential employers worldwide. https://online.goinglobal.com/jobs
  • Company Profiles: Learn about top employers worldwide and gain insights into their hiring practices, work culture, and expectations. This knowledge will help you tailor your applications to match the requirements of international employers. https://online.goinglobal.com/employers
  • City Guides: If you have a specific city in mind, GoinGlobal offers detailed guides covering major cities around the world.
  • The Language Resources: Brush up on your language skills with GoinGlobal’s language resources and language-specific job search features.
  • Internships: https://online.goinglobal.com/h1b
  • Virtual Internships: Even if you can’t travel to a different country physically, virtual internship opportunities allow you to gain valuable work experience with international companies remotely.
  • Cultural Advice: Understanding cultural differences is essential when seeking employment abroad. Explore the guides on cultural norms and business etiquette to help you adapt and succeed in diverse work environments.
  • Resume and Cover Letter Tools: Craft effective resumes and cover letters that resonate with employers worldwide, showcasing your skills and experiences in a manner that transcends borders.
  • Webinars and Articles: Stay updated with global career trends and expert insights through webinars and articles, which cover various aspects of international job searching and career development.

As a Pitt Student, you can gain access here: GoinGlobal Pitt Access

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GoinGlobal is a powerful career development resource that opens doors to exciting international opportunities. Whether you are a recent graduate or an undergraduate student, GoinGlobal can be an invaluable tool to expand your horizons and find exciting career prospects worldwide.

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Good luck on your career journey and enjoy this incredible resource to success in the global job market!

By Ingrid Beute
Ingrid Beute Career Consultant, Engineering & Science & Career Champions Program Coordinator