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Young Job Seekers Tap College Alumni Networks for Leads

Young Job Seekers Tap College Alumni Networks for Leads

Recent graduates struggling to launch careers during the pandemic receive advice, interviews—and offers

Will the coronavirus pandemic lead to long-term changes in higher education? To better understand the challenges facing U.S. …

By Alissa Clark
Alissa Clark
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3 Steps to Change Your Career at Any Age

It’s never too late or too early to change your professional life. Here are three steps to ensure a smooth career transition regardless of your age.

If …

By Alissa Clark
Alissa Clark
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Celebrating Women’s History Month: Female leaders in broadband

By: Camryn Smith

Feb 24, 2023 — 7 min read

We highlight various female leaders in the broadband industry.

Women have played a vital role in the telecom industry for generations, but remain vastly underrepresented.

According to the Global Leaders Forum …

By Career Center
Career Center
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5 Ways Transgender and Gender-Nonbinary Individuals Can Convey Their Pronouns of Choice at Work

It’s becoming increasingly accepted that gender is a nonbinary spectrum, which means we’re not all relegated to just “male” or “female.” Meanwhile, more and more people are choosing to identify with non-traditional pronouns, gender-neutral pronouns, multiple pronouns, or no pronouns …

By Firsthand
We help applicants, students, job-seekers and professionals like you find the right career path using the power of firsthand experiences.
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Pittsburgh Passport – Free summer events for all students in Pittsburgh!

The Pittsburgh Passport program is your opportunity to discover why the Pittsburgh region is an ideal place to live, work and play.  Join us for kayaking on the rivers, outdoor yoga, sports tailgates, museum tours, CEO chats, Tech talks, professional …

By Alyson Kavalukas
Alyson Kavalukas Interim Assistant Director
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