Where to Find LGBTQ-Friendly Jobs: Top Industries, Locations & Companies

The push for equality in the workplace is slowly gaining ground, as many companies are now aware of the benefits of hiring a more inclusive and diverse staff. Because of this, LGBTQ job opportunities and jobs in the LGBTQ community are more abundant than ever – iHire has 17,925 job postings across our 57 talent communities that directly mention being LGBTQ-friendly.

With that many openings, it can be a little confusing if you’re wondering how to work for the LGBTQ community, so we broke it down into three categories to help you find a job that’s right for you. Take a look at the iHire communities, states, and companies that have the most LGBTQ jobs below to get started.

If you don’t see your preferred community listed, don’t fret; these are just the top five in each category. Feel free to search our database to find LGBTQ job opportunities near you.

iHire Communities With the Most LGBTQ-Friendly Jobs

Jobs are considered LGBTQ-friendly if they directly support the LGBTQ community, or if the company mentions supporting people who identify as LGBTQ+ in the job ad.

1. iHireTechnology

  • Total LGBTQ Jobs: 2,769
  • Popular Titles: Software Developer, Product Manager, Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Companies with LGBTQ Jobs: Gartner, Edward Jones, MassMutual Financial Group

2. iHireNursing

  • Total LGBTQ Jobs: 2,641
  • Popular Titles: Registered Nurse (RN), Nurse Assistant (CNA), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
  • Companies with LGBTQ Jobs: Mayo Clinic, Watermark Retirement Communities, UW Health Partners

3. iHireSalesPeople

  • Total LGBTQ Jobs: 1,584
  • Popular Titles: Account Executive, Sales Representative, Sales Manager
  • Companies with LGBTQ Jobs: ADP, Gartner, Warby Parker

4. iHireFinance

  • Total LGBTQ Jobs: 1,419
  • Popular Titles: Corporate Financial Consultant/Advisor, Financial Specialist, Financial Analyst
  • Companies with LGBTQ Jobs: Edward Jones, MassMutual Financial Group, Citizens Bank

5. iHireEngineering

  • Total LGBTQ Jobs: 876
  • Popular Titles: Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Engineering Management
  • Companies with LGBTQ Jobs: Abb Inc., Seagate Technology, MassMutual Financial Group

States With the Most LGBTQ-Friendly Jobs

1. California

  • Total LGBTQ Jobs: 1,782
  • Popular Titles: Corporate Financial Consultant, Software Developer, Sales Representative
  • Companies with LGBTQ Jobs: Vituity, Watermark Retirement Communities, Edward Jones

2. Minnesota

  • Total LGBTQ Jobs: 1,158
  • Popular Titles: Nurse (RN, CNA, LPN), Social Worker, Maintenance Technician
  • Companies with LGBTQ Jobs: Mayo Clinic, Walser Automotive Group, Seagate Technology

3. Massachusetts

  • Total LGBTQ Jobs: 1,037
  • Popular Titles: Chemist/Scientist, Social Worker, Counselor
  • Companies with LGBTQ Jobs: Justice Resource Institute, Mass General Brigham, Moderna

4. New York

  • Total LGBTQ Jobs: 980
  • Popular Titles: Software Developer, Sales Rep/Specialist, Attorney
  • Companies with LGBTQ Jobs: Warby Parker, Watermark Retirement Communities, ADP

5. Texas

  • Total LGBTQ Jobs: 961
  • Popular Titles: Sales Rep/Specialist, Software Developer, Engineer
  • Companies with LGBTQ Jobs: Gartner, Edward Jones, Bain & Company

LGBTQ-Friendly Companies With the Most Jobs

1. Mayo Clinic

  • Total LGBTQ Jobs: 1,524
  • Industries: NursingMed Techs
  • Popular Titles: Nurse (RN, CNA, LPN), Lab Technician, Nursing Manager

2. Edward Jones

  • Total LGBTQ Jobs: 1,421
  • Industries: FinanceAdmin
  • Popular Titles: Corporate Financial Consultant, Office Manager, DevOps Engineer/System Admin

3. Watermark Retirement Communities

4. Gartner

5. ADP

  • Total LGBTQ Jobs: 505
  • Industry: Sales PeopleTechnology
  • Popular Titles: Account Manager, Sales Rep, Software Developer

While the list above is a great start, it’s by no means comprehensive. There are hundreds more companies hiring that might be smaller and more niche than the ones you see here, and you’ll find specialized job titles by searching “LGBTQ” in your preferred iHire talent community. Create your account and find the perfect match for you.

For more job search tips, don’t forget to check out our Job Seeker Resource Center.

By Doug Atkinson, Content Writer
Doug Atkinson, Content Writer