How to Get Started with a Career in the Federal Government

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WATCH: How to get started with a career in the Federal Government as a student or recent graduate

Ryan Wood
June 7, 2021

Hope White of Hopeful Speaking and Consulting, LLC recently sat down with College Recruiter’s Steven Rothberg to discuss how students and recent graduates should go about starting a career within the Federal Government.

Hope is a U.S. veteran who has nearly 30 years of experience working in various roles in the federal government, including the CDC and Veterans Administration. Through Hopeful Speaking and Consulting, LLC, she now helps veterans, those with disabilities, and others start and grow their careers in the federal government. She is the Federal Employment Expert.

If you fall into the student classification, Hope explains that an internship or pathways program within the Federal Government is the best route to take when just starting out. Watch below to see where you can find these opportunities, in addition to other tips you should know when first applying to openings in the Federal Government.

–Please visit Hope White’s LinkedIn, where all the documents featured in this video, including her webinar schedule, can be found.

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