Welcome!  This community is space for women students to access Career Center services and University support. You will find job search resources, ways to connect with on-campus groups, and strategies for identifying employers who respect and affirm people of all identities and orientation.  These resources compliment the information provided in the Career Communities, where you will find resources for specific industries and areas of study.

To discuss or share additional resources for this affinity group, please contact Carol Balk at carol.balk@pitt.edu.

Pitt2Pitt Scholarship Program for Pitt Grads

Graduating Pitt undergraduates and alumni can receive up to a $7,500 tuition scholarship per year when they enroll in a participating Pitt graduate or professional program (listed below).

We know your Pitt education has prepared you for the next level—obtaining …

By Alyson Kavalukas
Alyson Kavalukas Assistant Director
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The Resilience Code: Decoding the Unique Factors that Fuel Women Leaders

In the intricate world of leadership, women often showcase not only their achievements but also a distinctive resilience that sets them apart. While it’s essential to recognize that not all women leaders are universally resilient, many tend to exhibit traits …

By Career Center
Career Center
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Empowering women at work

New survey on workplace flexibility shows “when” tops “where” in attaining work/life balance for women
Michele Parmelee

Remote. Hybrid. In-person: Much of the discussion around workplace flexibility has centered on where work takes place. But for organizations that want to …

By Erin Wheeler
Erin Wheeler Career Consultant
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The Value Of Women In The Workplace

Posted by Jane Kennedy Greene

Today, there are more women in business and running companies than ever before. From 2007 to 2018, the number of women-owned businesses increased by 58% while all other businesses grew by just 12%. During the …

By Erin Wheeler
Erin Wheeler Career Consultant
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Women to Women: Tips for Success in the Workplace

Speak up. Advocate for yourself. Be present in the moment.

For Women’s History Month, we reached out to alumni from different professions and fields to ask what tips they have for women heading out …

By Erin Wheeler
Erin Wheeler Career Consultant
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