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Welcome to Pitt’s Multimedia, Communication & Creative Arts Career Community! Students interested in Multimedia, Communication & Creative Arts express their creativity and skills in a variety of ways. Whether you want to be a writer, editor, journalist, designer, performer, producer, director, artist, or musician, your skills and experiences will allow you to build exciting and often unconventional career paths. 

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A Day in the Life: Corporate Interior Designer

By: Vault Careers

Published: Nov 01, 2020

8:30 AM: Arrive at the office. Peruse e-mail and phone messages.

9:30 AM: Attend construction meeting for a current project, the law offices of a prestigious downtown law firm. Consult with architects and …

By Carol Balk
Carol Balk Career Consultant
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Pitt in Hollywood Podcast

By Benjamin Asciutto
Hi everyone, welcome to Pitt in Hollywood! My name is Ben Asciutto, I am a Film & Business student at the University of Pittsburgh. Throughout my years in college, I have been fascinated about what my career …
By Benjamin Ascuitto
Benjamin Ascuitto
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The Importance of Multimedia

Multimedia is all around us in today’s world. From TikTok to YouTube, there is no way to escape the land of multimedia. Boiler Communication recently introduced the Multimedia Manager role in fall 2021. …

By Carol Balk
Carol Balk Career Consultant
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A Day in the Life: Social Media Manager

By Vault Careers

Published June 15, 2021

Ever wonder what a social media manager does all day? If so, check out the below: one social media manager tells Vault what she does during each minute of her day at work.

By Carol Balk
Carol Balk Career Consultant
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If you’re one of the tech-savvy among us who also happen to be super creative, then a career in multimedia might be right in your wheelhouse! But what does a career in multimedia actually involve? The name says it all …

By Carol Balk
Carol Balk Career Consultant
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Multimedia, Communication & Creative Arts Resources

The Partnership for Public Service is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, whose mission is to build a better government and a …

Connect with Alumni

  • Pittsburgh
  • Chief Executive Officer/Chief Operation Officer 321 Blink
  • Houston
  • CEO The Dragonfly Consulting Group
  • Pittsburgh
  • President & Chief Executive Officer Trib Total Media and 535 Media, LLC
  • Lewes, DE
  • Program Management. Information Technology. W. L. Gore & Associates

Runyu Bi

  • New York, NY
  • Data Scientist Warner Bros. Discovery
  • Gainesville, GA
  • Project Management Consultant Verizon
  • Wilmington, NC
  • Account Executive Untappd, Inc

Shan Wu

  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Biostatistician UPMC
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering
  • Pittsburgh, PA

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Communication skills are one of the most highly valued competencies by employers nationwide, according to research from the National Association of Colleges and Employers. 95% of Class of 2021 grads in the fields of multimedia, communication and the creative arts were working or enrolled in graduate school within six months after graduation. Visit our Success After Pitt site to check out the details!

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