Ways to Empower Women in the Workplace

As a Woman-Owned Business, we are proud to uplift women in our organization daily and celebrate women everywhere who have used their voices to propel their careers forward. We put together a list of eight tips to empower women within your own organization – because equality isn’t just nice to have, it’s a must-have.

Women’s Equality in the Workplace: Why now?

The 2023 State of Women in the Labor Market is reporting that thanks to strong economic recovery,  women aged 25-54’s participation in the labor force is back above pre-pandemic levels, setting a new high at 77%. However, “long-standing pay gaps and occupational segregation remain challenges.” Studies show that women’s earnings begin to plateau mid-career, while men’s continue to climb. Women are often given fewer opportunities for promotions than their male counterparts.

Today, women are working longer hours, with more than 84% of employed women working full-time, but caregiving disparities are also proving to undermine that progress.  Occupational segregation continues to persist and is credited as the reason for the pandemic’s disproportionate effect on women. Industries like retail, hospitality, education, and health were hit the hardest, workplaces where women tend to outnumber men.

How You Can Help

The U.S. economy needs skilled talent in order to innovate and remain competitive, and women on average are matriculating and graduating at higher rates than men. This data just proves it’s more important than ever to advocate for and uplift the hard-working women in our lives and within our organizations. Over half of all management positions are held by women and around 10 million businesses are owned by women, including Career Group Companies!

By advocating for women in the workforce we continue to make strides toward equality which means more women achieving their goals, taking on leadership roles, and finding career success!

Here are Eight Tips on How to Empower the Women in Your Office:

1. Amplify Women’s Voices and Ideas

Give women a seat at the table. All too often women’s voices are overshadowed by their male counterparts. Studies show that video meetings can make it even harder for women to get a word in. Combat that by making sure women in your organization are getting credit for their ideas and that women feel empowered to speak and share their important input.

2. Mentor Girls and Women

It can be so impactful to take other women under your wing. By being a strong resource for the next generation of female leaders, you are giving them a leg up on their journey to success and ensuring a bright future for women in the workplace. Whether you’re searching for a mentor or a mentee, you can look both inside your organization and to outside professional collectives. This list shares 15 of the best mentorship programs for women, to get you inspired!

3. Promote Women

In more ways than one! Promoting women from within your company into management and C-level positions is inherently empowering and speaks to their capacities as both an employee and a person. Plus, studies show that organizations with women in power outperform those without women in these high-level career positions. Plus, promoting women is reported to have a positive impact on overall economic growth.  Promoting women is a win-win.

4. Be a Role Model

By asserting yourself as a strong leader, role model, and someone who consistently empowers women, you are demonstrating your own power and strength in the workplace. Leaders of all genders can become role models and advocate for women in the effort of achieving gender parity and equality. Being a role model also means being approachable, open to feedback from women, and willing to offer help in gender-specific work situations.

5. Help Close the Wage Gap

Women still earn on average only 83 cents to every dollar a man makes. Research shows women also have more student debt as a result of pursuing higher education, and the wage gap is even wider for women of color. Close the wage gap in your organization by ensuring employees in equal positions with similar experience are earning equitable salaries, regardless of gender or race. Conduct regular pay equity audits and correct any discrepancies.

6. Enact Fair Parental Leave Policies

Establishing parental policies for your employees is absolutely essential for gender equality in the workplace, as it encourages both new mothers and fathers to have a healthier work/life balance and makes no assumptions about which parent is taking on the responsibility of childcare. Today’s employees shouldn’t have to choose between a thriving career and parenthood. Fair policies ensure employees know they will be treated with respect when and if they decide to start and support a family.

7. Empower Women Through Opportunity

Men will more often be given career opportunities based on potential, while women will be given job opportunities based only on previous experience. Turn this around, and give early-career women a chance to prove themselves within the company. If a new project comes up and you think a woman on your team would be the perfect person to take the lead, put her name forward and back her up as the best choice!

8. Remove Gender Bias in Your Organization

Studies show different expectations are placed on people of different genders in the professional workplace. Are women in your organization expected to take notes in meetings or plan all office events? Are you taking steps to ensure a trans-inclusive workplace? You may have unconscious gender biases about the kinds of tasks or roles women are more suited to. Removing gender bias and empowering women at all levels will create a work environment where teams can advocate for women and root for each other’s success.

Let’s show the world what we are capable of — because when we empower women, we empower ourselves!

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