By: Alivia Brown

Why would anyone choose to major in Anthropology? Do people even do that nowadays? My name is Alivia Brown and I am currently an undergraduate student at UCLA. Anthropology is a hidden gem and offers perspective on the world through a unique and well rounded lens. However, the career opportunities seem few and far between. Are there careers for anthropology students or are they just hard to find? I spent this week doing some research on the most common job paths for anthropology students: Academics, Government, Corporate, and Non-Profit Organizations. I explain each job path according to my research from the week in this video. It must not be ignored, however, that I am simply an undergraduate student on my journey to find a career. These are the answers I have found but I’m sure there are professionals who can offer better advice. So why do I do it? Because the professionals are not easily found and do not want to spend their time talking to undergraduates about career paths! So I’m gonna figure it out myself… Want to support me? CHECK OUT MY BLOG POSTS!

By Erin Wheeler
Erin Wheeler Career Consultant