“Getting Your Start in Marketing” by Emily Phelps, Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Shikun & Binui

“I advise an undergrad pursuing a career in Media, Communications, and the Creative Arts to use your ability to think outside the box in your job search! Many industries people do not typically consider creative fields and still need people to do creative work like advertising, marketing, and social media. This can be beneficial for building a portfolio as it shows you can work with various industries. Another benefit is that the team you work with will typically be smaller than the average marketing agency, allowing your work to shine and usually a greater ability to present and execute your ideas.

Working on a small team allows me to work on projects I would have never considered or thought I could do as an undergrad. I work in Pittsburgh for a construction company called S&B USA Construction, and I have found that even though I came into the job not knowing about the industry, I have been able to transfer my skills and be effective at my job. Being willing to learn and ask many questions has also helped me immensely. I did not have any construction industry experience before my internship, but I demonstrated that I could apply what I have learned to any situation.

My Communications studies helped me the most in my internship and career with S&B USA Construction by giving me the skills to read and interpret documents and to problem solve. Connecting with my professors helped me get my internship as well. I heard about the opportunity through Dr. Elfriede Fürsich, an excellent professor I had for two media courses, and she was able to recommend me for the internship. I am forever thankful for this connection, and I think getting to know your professors during undergrad is essential!

Never underestimate your ability to learn after your studies. A good workplace will inspire you to learn and expand your capabilities. It’s also good to remember that just like undergrad, you will most likely make mistakes or have projects not perform how you want them to. This is all a part of finding yourself in the workforce and learning, and it is okay! Failing lets you know you have to try again in a different way.”

Feel free to send Emily a message on LinkedIn (preferred) or an email if you have any questions or would like to talk! Her email is erp68@pitt.edu and LinkedIn is https://www.linkedin.com/in/emily-phelps99/.

By Emily Phelps
Emily Phelps Marketing and Communications Coordinator