How to choose your theme word for success (plus 100+ theme word ideas)

Is it just us, or is the year really flying by? Personally, we like to treat every month as a ‘reflect and reset’ on our year’s intentions. Simply pausing every few months to celebrate our wins and refocus on our goals can work wonders for our motivation and success, but how can we do this?

We love writing long To-Do lists as much as the next boss-lady when it comes to planning. We even like mind mapping from time to time to get our thoughts out on paper.

Catering to everyone’s different styles is one of the reasons we include blank pages at the back of our planners. But one of our favourite planner features is the space dedicated to choosing a theme word for success, and we thought it was time to explain how you can best use this feature!

What is a theme word?

Our definition: a word that sums up how you want to feel, and helps bring awareness to your intentions and decisions. (Note: it’s never too late to set intentions for the year.)

Your theme word/feeling is your goal. It’s not a long-winded resolution (because we all know they don’t work), instead, it’s a simple reminder to strive for a little bit of self-improvement every day.

How to choose your theme word for success

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What awesome achievements have I made so far this year?
  • How did reaching those goals make me feel?
  • What else would I like to do?
  • What would I like to change?
  • What’s the “good stuff” I want more of in my life?

Now think about how you want your year to feel, and write down a bunch of emotive words that speak to you before choosing your favourite.

Easier said than done? Still stuck?

Theme words to inspire your success

Scan our list of 100 theme words below and try to notice any particular words that jump out at you. You may find you need to read it over a few times, but hopefully, you feel drawn to one word or another.

I want my year to feel…

1. Extraordinary
2. Phenomenal
3. Passionate
4. Creative
5. Innovative
6. Organised
7. Peaceful
8. Healthy
9. Balanced
10. Calm
11. Joyful
12. Simple
13. Consistent
14. Mindful
15. Enlightened
16. Limitless
17. Adventurous
18. Forgiving
19. Deliberate
20. Powerful
21. Savvy
22. Nurturing
23. Empowering
24. Loving
25. Routine
26. Confident
27. Mature
28. Intuitive
29. Focused
30. Brave
31. Flourishing
32. Successful
33. Prepared
34. Planned
35. Modern
36. Resolute
37. Elevated
38. Persistent
39. Hopeful
40. Polished
41. Glorious
42. Whole
43. Homely
44. Inspired
45. Playful
46. Encouraging
47. Soulful
48. Deep
49. Active
50. Disciplined

(No favourites yet? Then keep reading!)

51. Magical
52. Spirited
53. Comforting
54. Strong
55. Renewed
56. Traditional
57. Harmonious
58. Mended
59. Still
60. Blissful
61. Sparkly
62. Freeing
63. Aligned
64. Transformative
65. Easy
66. Interesting
67. Sacred
68. Awakened
69. Light
70. Family-focused
71. More
72. Tranquil
73. Healing
74. Ambitious
75. Centred
76. Committed
77. Enough
78. Bridging
79. Celebratory
80. Serene
81. Refined
82. Connected
83. Prosperous
84. Enthusiastic
85. Social
86. Reflective
87. Daring
88. Better
89. Progressive
90. Purposeful
91. Educational
92. Humble
93. Giving
94. Observant
95. Abundant
96. Grounded
97. Worthy
98. Prayerful
99. Blooming
100. Energised
101. Present

Next steps for using your theme word for success

Proudly write your theme word in your planner, journal or notebook (you can check out ours here) and look back on it regularly. Say it to yourself like a mantra.

Get it stuck in your head and pull it back out whenever the situation calls for it. Remember, the aim is small and regular self-improvement.

So next time you’re out for dinner and you have the choice of dessert bar or salad bar, what will you say to yourself? I want my year to feel healthy and I want my year to feel balanced will probably result in two different decisions, but we’ll leave that one up to you! (For the record, our theme word is joyful, so we know which bar we’d choose.)

One last thing

We’d love to hear the theme word you’ve chosen for your year! Let us know yours in the comments and let’s help each other stay accountable on our goals (unlike those New Year’s resolutions we never got around to).

Together, we’re a force to be reckoned with!

By Erin Wheeler
Erin Wheeler Career Consultant