Here’s How to Have Your *Best* Target Interview

We’ve got an incredible team, a growing business, and great pay and benefits — but no matter how you slice it, it’s always a great time to be on Team Target. And with you onboard, we’re only gonna get better. Whether you’re thinking about applying to become a team member or joining one of our internship programs, you’re in the right place to join more than 400,000 people who have carved out a place of their own at Target.

Find your best fit

Whatever your interest, you’re sure to find a way to tap into your experience and passion at Target. The first step? Researching roles. We recommend starting at our Careers and Internships pages, where you can learn more about open positions and hear team members’ stories about what it’s like to work at the Bullseye.

Make your interview count

You’ve found the perfect posting and applied … now’s the time you may want to prep. Head here to get all the latest and greatest details on interviewing — including a handy PDF of our brand-new interview prep guide. (Yep, we’ve got everything you need to prepare to make a great impression.)

Want more? We asked five Target recruiters — the very pros who interview and hire Team Target’s newest members — for insight into their process, and of course, their best tips. Here’s what Kate (who recruits for store leadership roles), Andy (supply chain roles), Kelly (tech roles) Abriana (campus recruiting) and Lindsay (human resources roles) had to say:

The world has changed a lot over the past two years — so many things we once did face-to-face are now virtual. What’s it like to interview at Target today?

Kate: While a lot has changed, we’ve definitely tried to keep our interview process as consistent as possible, and that’s meant moving many interviews to Zoom and videos versus in-person. This allows us to keep safety front and center and provide a smoother experience for you. (We can also provide alternative options for those applicants who need a reasonable accommodation.)

Andy: The virtual interview process has actually opened up more opportunities, too. You no longer need to take a full morning or afternoon off work or travel to interviews, and we can spread them out over a couple of days if needed.

Abriana: A great result of the new virtual environment is more flexibility and grace.

Any tips for preparing for a virtual interview?

Kelly: Additional preparation and practice can help before a virtual interview, and testing technology prior to interviews is critical. If you’re not used to being on camera, practicing with a friend may help you be better prepared. (Be sure you’re aware of what’s in your background, too.)

Lindsay: If you have notes next to you — which is OK! — try not to look down at them too often. Instead, make sure you’ve spent time reviewing them beforehand and use this time to really engage with your interviewers.

What makes someone really stand out?

Kate: I’m always impressed when candidates have done their homework on Target and the position they are applying to. It not only shows their investment in the process, but that they’ve also really taken time to think about where their career is headed, and how Target might play into their career aspirations.

Andy: Someone who has passion and curiosity will always rise to the top.

Lindsay: It is always impressive when a candidate takes the time to research what we are doing outside of Target’s four walls. Some ideas include our community efforts or looking at what our leaders are sharing externally.

Abriana: The stand-out candidates are the ones who come well prepared, engaged, and passionate about sharing why they want this position, with this company — and finally, why they would be a strong fit based on our values, the role specifics, and their experience.

What is your best advice for having a truly great interview?

Kate: Be clear and concise. It helps to jot down a few experiences at work or school where you’ve played a significant role, then pull out the most impactful pieces. That helps to showcase your work, while not getting lost in the details of how you got there.

Andy: Be yourself! Not fully being you in an interview means you aren’t able to be fully you if you get the job. Go into an interview knowing who you are and what you bring to the table. In the end, everyone gets nervous in an interview, but you know yourself better than anyone else does, so always remember that.

Lindsay: Remember that we invited you to an interview. You get to interview Target as much as we would interview you and we really want to hear about your experiences!

Want more info about career and internship opportunities at Target with a chance to develop new skills and build your career journey? Read more about roles in our stores, supply chain facilities, and headquarters locations for details and to apply. We can’t wait to meet you!

By Lindsay Fera
Lindsay Fera Employment Development Specialist